New! Live Translations

Reach all of your audiences with the all new LIVE TRANSLATIONS! Live translation is an incredible and powerful tool that takes your live captions and quickly translates them to the language(s) you choose. With over 70 languages to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

On cable, you can have up to 4 languages for 608 captions and up to 6 languages for 708 captions. Cable also only supports European languages for translations, and these are limitations by the cable broadcasters and not by CASTUS. In fact, on the CASTUS VOD platform, you can have as many translated languages as you’d like, including special character languages such as Korean.

With an upcoming software release, live translation languages will be selectable in the input settings, and will be engaged automatically when you live caption your content.

This feature takes a big step towards making sure you can reach all of your viewers and share information effectively.

If you’re interested in live captioning or translation services, please reach out to for a demo or quote.

Happy translating!