CASTUS provides flexible software scheduling systems and video playout servers. Manage your TV stations and all your digital signs through one interface.

Developed by professionals of broadcast software development and video production. We are partnered with industry leaders to ensure continued development with professional broadcast hardware. This gives us an advantage of always knowing what technology is in demand and what is yet to come. CASTUS is built on a Linux operating system to ensure reliability, future growth, security, and ease of use.

Our QuickRoll™ is an integrated schedulable multitasking playout server, media asset manager, and graphics generator, all combined in a single powerful multitasking Intel 6 Core processor-based workstation. We are unique in the way we have integrated these functions to provide a very easy to use multifunction workstation that does all three functions simultaneously and in a relatively seamless fashion.

Our target customer is the “new era” multimedia head-end operator who will use the QuickRoll to quickly ingest, and annotate, original content in a few hours and then use this same workstation to insert this new content in the schedule for the following days.

Quick Roll provides sophisticated scheduling features with both event oriented scheduling and time of day scheduling. More importantly, we support auto fill to extend clips to fit available slots. Even while scheduled playout is going on, one can accomplish:

1. Schedule Changes – Playlist Editing & Creation

2. Video Clip Ingest and File Transfer

3. Multilayer Graphics Compositing

4. Examine File Logs

5. Preview Video Clips

Our architecture is unique in that we run only two distinct processes. One is the playout process that keeps on running no matter what. The second process is the “preparation process”. Via this process we can impact content, preview it, massage it with graphics, and insert it into the playout queue.

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