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All in One Video, Web, Mobile and Social Media Playout
Easy Automation Channel in a Box
CASTUS invented the 'Click and Stick' style of scheduling, which allows you to schedule quickly and easily on our web based platform, from any device. We also offer the ability to upload and play most videos without having to transcode them first.
Video On Demand & Live Streaming
CASTUS QuickStream provides a widget that will allow your viewers to select and play video on demand from your library of programming. You can reach your audience, track play count, chapterize videos and more all with our QuickStream server. A full Roku integration package is also available.
Scaleable to Meet Your Needs
QuickRoll can be scaled to allow support for future channels and inputs in the same chassis. QuickCast can not only output to your cable provider, but also stream 24/7 programming to Facebook, Roku and Youtube live. Stream live to your social media platforms with closed captioning.

Hear from Our Customers
"CASTUS quickroll is fast, powerful and versatile."
Westford CAT
"CASTUS offers the most features, in one system, in one major purchase."
Tyngsborough TV
"CASTUS has propelled us into the future with its flexibility."
Catamount TV
"CASTUS has made us a lot more efficient."
Easy Automation with QuickRoll HD/SD-SDI IP Video Servers

Completely automate your station across multiple platforms under one unified solution.

Castus QuickRoll is our flagship, multi processing, multi channel, video scheduling server that includes everything you need to easily upload, schedule and play your video content. QuickRoll features an easy to use, web based interface, allowing you to access your station from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

You will have the ability to play out SD and HD signals simultaneously, from 1 to 10 inputs or outputs, all while outputting a live IP feed. Overlay up to eight regions per channel, including scrolling texts and station logos, and choose from 8-32TB of internal RAID protected storage. Quickroll is the premium solution for your multi channel broadcasting needs.

Easy Automation with QuickCast HD/SD-SDI IP Video Servers

QuickCast is a revolutionary, single channel SD/HD - SDI server that includes everything you need to schedule and playout your stations video content, all for a one time cost of $9,995.

You can easily upload, schedule, and play almost any file format with zero transcoding. With QuickCast you can air one live input while recording it to disc, overlay up to 4 regions on top of scheduled playout, schedule text crawls and station logos, store up to 4TB of programming, all in a single sleek 2U chassis. QuickCast features an easy to use, web based interface that is accessible from anywhere, anytime, with a real time channel monitor built in.

The server offers fully supported closed captioning, providing a compliant signal to cable, web, mobile, and social media sites for both LIVE and VOD content.

Video on Demand and Live Streaming Servers

QuickStream with CASTUS Hosting Services provides a complete solution for live streaming and video on demand, allowing you to stream channels simultaneously to multiple destinations in a quality, high definition format.

We provide an all in one product, enabling your viewers to browse and view programming within our customizable widget. You can easily upload new programs in seconds, group by program or series, index or chapterize meetings, and more.

We offer support for OTT and are compatible for streaming to Facebook, Roku, YouTube, etc. QuickStream includes everything you need to provide your viewers with high definition video on demand at an affordable price to you.

QuickStream Control Panel


Customizable QuickStream Widget



Live stream in the cloud to your QuickRoll / QuickCast.

No Port forwarding / public IP address required.

Connect Microsoft Zoom to your QuickRoll / QuickCast



Download our free CASTUS STATUS APP, to control your inputs from your device. Available on the iOS and Android marketplace. Download STATUS and connect to your QuickCast or QuickRoll to monitor the status of your channels and control your inputs, ALL from the palm of your hand.

CHS - CASTUS Hosting Services

Whether you are offering Live streaming for your channels, video on demand, or both, CHS provides affordable 24/7, 365 HD hosting services. Store 2TB in the cloud, support for closed captions and more.

CHS is reliable, easy and cost effective.

One Application Over Multiple Devices
Access your CASTUS server and schedules from anywhere, anytime on any device. We offer an application that is accessible on multiple devices, including touch screens.
Zero Transcoding
CASTUS servers allow you to play most file formats with no transcoding. Output any resolution, bit rate, aspect ratio, and more, without any issue.
Video Editing
CASTUS Cuts is our non linear video editor, built into our web interface. With CASTUS Cuts, you can create projects, edit videos, assemble clips and more, all from your web browser.
Graphic Overlay
Create overlays and place graphics, crawls, videos, and live feeds, all on top of your channels output in seconds. We offer support for graphics over IP and HD SDSDI.
Easy to Use Scheduler
With our ‘Click and Stick’ scheduling, you can quickly schedule media items and events in seconds. Great for the touch screen! Schedule a default item that will play anytime there is no scheduled programming.
Picture in Picture
Create dynamic messaging and bulletin boards in CASTUS using any pre created template or create your own from scratch. Automatically tell your viewers what is coming up next, what they are currently watching, and more.
Technical Specifications
Video Inputs
HDSDI & IP out of the box
Support for NDI
Multple Input & Output configurations-
101, (1 input/1 output) 202, 204,
404, 505, 606, 707 & 808
Operating System
CASTUS Version 5.0
Linux custom OS
Storage Options
4TB, 8TB, 12TB,
16TB & 32TB (extended chassis)
with RAID options
Server Dimensions
QuickRoll 19" x 17" x 5.5"
QuickCast 19" x 17" x 3.25"
QuickStream 19" x 17" x 3.25"
System Drive
120GB SSD for
Video Outputs
HDSDI & IP no external encoders
Support for NDI
With additional NIC card
HDMI preview channel
CASTUS Support
Connect, engage, and learn from other CASTUS users on our live community forum. Access granted to all users.
All hours Support
A CASTUS rep can assist you with any questions or issues you may experience. Call us at 800.215.3880
Graphics Library
Access to an extensive royalty free graphics library with hundreds of themes to choose from.
Feature Upgrades
New features will be extended to your system with a quick and easy update process.
Closed Captioning
ACE Series of Automatic Closed Captioning Systems

We are excited to announce that CASTUS has partnered with Link Electronics to offer a complete turn key solution for LIVE captioning, playout and more. Contact us to learn more!

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